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Wind creates unexpected denouement, and the loss of time, victory for embattled Bouhanni

628ce4f21f68595ac2fb239a2e248384 - Wind creates unexpected denouement, and the loss of time, victory for embattled Bouhanni

What a boring stage seemed to be turned on thanks to the wind still in an exciting affair. Bouhanni won the stage but more important was the loss of time that Kelderman and Pinot assigned were. They lost more than a minute.

Barely 155 km long, the sixth stage of Huercal-Overa to San Javier. A journey from Andalusia to the coastline to finish in the province of Murcia, where Alejandro Valverde is housed. Two ascents of the third category inspired the platoon to a begeesterend kijkstuk. On the contrary, three escapees – the inevitable Mate, the surprising Porte and the unknown Spaniard Cubero – decided to go for the indommelende platoon to go for a drive. Mate for the bergpunten, Cubero for the publicity and Porte as training. Their lead fluctuated continuously around the two minutes. This opportunity went the spurters not escape.

Of course, crowds the heat again, her stamp on the movement. The riders had more attention for their supply, then that price would be. It went so slow over such wide roads that no falls to write down fell. In short, a day the history books will not pick up. Or so we thought!

At thirty kilometers from the end were the three escapees coming for their effort. And then there was suddenly wind. A group of a man or forty formed the first impeller, without the Dutch klassementsrenner Wilco Kelderman, who in an unlucky moment a puncture. Also, Thibaut Pinot and let himself be surprised. At the front was not waited for, Pinot and Kelderman got more than a minute on the pants.

Of the spurters had almost no one will be surprised that we in San Javier, a nice denouement were offered. Viviani got himself out of the train of Quick Step pushing making for the gebelgde Nacer Bouhanni the road.

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