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VRT stations remain on the antenna (but not free)

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It will still possible to continue after december 1, the TELEVISION channels Eén, Canvas and Ketnet to receive over the air. Only will is no longer free.

From 1 december you will no longer be free to the VRT-nets watch with an antenna. In may made the VRT been known that DVB-T will disappear. The public broadcaster was the investment in the technology is no more responsible for the small number of users. The estimates vary from 45,000 to 100,000 of antennekijkers.

But with TV Vlaanderen, there is also a commercial player in the market of digital television via antenna. That company offers for 9.95 euros per month of a package of fifteen channels. The stations of the VRT were not in that package, as they already free to receive. After the announcement of the VRT about the discontinuation unbuttoned TV Vlaanderen negotiations about the inclusion of the channels in its offer.

9,95 euro

After several months of negotiations, there is now an agreement. The current DVB-T viewers of the VRT will only a new decoder of TV Vlaanderen need. The rest of their installation, may continue to use it.

The current customers of Antenna TV to see the offer, however, will be smaller. TV Vlaanderen does, after all, the three channels of the Dutch public broadcaster (NPO1, NPO2 and NPO3) to the three TELEVISION stations to be able to offer.

Then remain still for 9.95 euros per month: the Flemish channels Eén, Canvas, Ketnet, VTM, Q2, Caz, Vitaya, VTM Kzoom, Kadet, Four, Five and Six, the French-language commercial channels, RTL-TVi, Club RTL and Plug RTL, and the erotiekzender Penthouse.


The VRT will find that its website VRT Now a good alternative is for DVB-T. There you can live and postponed to all programs of the public television channel to watch. But you have to have internet access and that also is not free.

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