Trump is asking for help chief justice against FBI

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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump, the chief justice of the Supreme court asked the lower court that is about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) will instruct the employees of the FBI and the department of Justice to be questioned about their use of a so-called Russia-dossier.

President Donald Trump

In a message on Twitter founded Trump his sights on a civil servant of the ministry, Bruce Ohr, in conjunction with a dossier on the possible links between the election campaign of Trump and Russia. That dossier was compiled by the former British agent Christopher Steele.

“Ohr, the FBI has said that it (the nepdossier) not where it was”, wrote Trump in one of the posts. “The chief judge is the head of the FISC court. He must have the appropriate court order to hold a hearing, and all the people of the department and the FBI to convene. If that court finds that there crimes are committed, and that there are, then they must be criminal.”

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