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TRONs Virtual Machine bandwidth without Tronix (TRX)?

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30. August leaves the Tron Virtual Machine, the Beta-Phase. The promise is a significantly better Performance and especially better than Ethereum. The Tron Virtual Machine should work without the platform Tronix-Token (TRX). Time to examine the project in more detail.

The Tron project around Figurehead Justin Sun has evolved since the beginnings of far, and currently suggests high waves. Not least with the planned Launch of Trons Virtual Machine, the project aims to come to his goal. This is quite high: Tron wants to push the mark apitalis instrumentation second largest crypto-currency, Ethereums Ether, from the throne:

“TRON is a project that forms the infrastructure for a truly decentralised Internet. The Tron Protocol is one of the largest block chain-based operating systems in the world. It offers a scalable, widely available, and the huge Support that is the basis for the decentralized applications of the Tron-Ecosystem. […] Develop free Features and incentive systems, developers of Premium Apps to users to allow.“

What is the Tron Virtual Machine?

The TRON Virtual Machine is an integral part of the ambitious Plan of TRON. In the TRON-Ecosystem, the Virtual Machine is used, dApps, i.e. decentralized applications on the Blockchain, run, and test. So that developers can test, ultimately, Smart Contracts on Trons Virtual Machine on functionality and programming languages to develop the most. The “virtual machine” of TRON is still designed to be Ethereums Virtual Machine compatible. In order for the Team to Justin Sun pursues the ultimate goal is to be able to that dApps that are previously been on the Ethereum block Chain designed to Trons network.

The Tron Virtual Machine is indeed free of charge?

Ultimately, TRON advertises that your System is free of charge, in contrast to Ethereums Virtual Machine, for users with Gas have to pay. With the Upgrade of the Mainnets and the final Launch of Trons Virtual Machine, the TRON network is also 200 times faster than Ethereum.

According to the TRON Wiki, tron the Virtual Machine is mostly aimed at programmers – it wants to provide “millions of developers around the world with a Blockchain System that is efficient, practical, stable, secure and scalable.”

The addition of Tron promised Features at a Glance:

  • resource-saving operation and high Performance
  • Stability and security: the fact that the costs are outsourced to the “Bandwidth Points”, to unpin Tron of the TRX-Token, and this allows for more stability
  • Compatibility: By the TVM is a Ethereums Virtual Machine is compatible, it promises to be more user-friendliness and attractiveness for programmers
  • lower costs for programmers

As you can see from the publication read, the TRON Team is not tired to emphasize, that the new TVM was significantly better than that of Ethereum. The main argument is not the discharge of the TVM, as the bandwidth of the Token with the TRONIX, but with the “Bandwidth Points” are paid. As you can see from the Tron Wiki, but more is needed for a “Bandwith Point” a “Sun” – the Equivalent to bitcoin’s Satoshi, so 0,000001 TRX. It will have to show how the final prices in Bandwidth Points are actually.

Ethereum is the right comparison?

The surprising thing is that TRON always compares with Ethereum. The claim to be a fast Blockchain-a platform for dApps, is represented, for example, also from EOS. EOS, a Delegated-Proof-of-Stake System advertises also with high transaction rates. A certain Similarity between the Super-Representatives of TRON and the Block producers of EOS no one can deny. Similarly, the Bandwidth is reminiscent of the TRON-Ecosystem of the RAM market by EOS. Accordingly, a comparison with the EOS would be much more interesting than a comparison with Ethereum.

30. August launches the TRON Virtual Machine.

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