The unlikely summer of Dieter Coppens

3e2a2801ac50ad5b128742137081462d - The unlikely summer of Dieter Coppens

In The zomert with learn Bruno Wyndaele the zomerverhalen of Down-the-road presenter Dieter Coppens know. That appear to be simultaneously simple and extraordinary.

Dieter Coppens grows up in a harmonious family with four sons. “I come from a very warm nest. Father, mother and 3 brothers and we all come back good match.’
The father, a doctor, decides the boys a positive activity in the summer: they will together build a house. The family Coppens buys a piece of land in the Ardennes and go there together to get started. Each summer attracts families Coppens to their holiday home in order to build foundations to pour, walls metsen, electricity laying, plumbing installation to and with the integral finish. Thus, between the boys have a bond for life that the age difference between the youngest and the oldest effortlessly bridges the gap. “When I the first time my wife, then my love, took with him to the Ardennes, we have a whole weekend wood cut for the winter. She then said: ‘What is this? Do we at any time just take a walk?’ We were very fanatic.

During that ‘bouwverloven’ discover the sons Coppens also their shared taste in music, because without music from the speakers is not working. Neil Young, Bob Dylan, but especially Chris Whitley to help the boys through the long days of physical effort. And all these years later the music of Chris Whitley still the same feelings of connectedness with something bigger. The band with Isolde Lasoen, and Patrick Riguelle brings a touching version of ‘Big sky country’.

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