The netherlands wants to sugar-free drinks cheaper

44212db96d41b278908ceea69c4b0053 - The netherlands wants to sugar-free drinks cheaper

The Dutch government is planning to make the consumption tax to remove to sugar-free beverages and mineral water, which become cheaper for the consumer. That appears, at least from a leaked preventieakkoord that the Dutch newspaper AD could read.

Instead of a suikertaks to levy on unhealthy beverages, the Dutch government is healthy(er) variants cheap to make, so as to overweight in its population to tackle. In practice, it would spring water and sugar-free beverages are exempt from consumer taxes, as stated in a draft of the national preventieakkoord about being overweight. According to the AD that saves nearly nine cents on a liter of diet coke or mineral water.

It is one of the measures to the Dutch people more often for healthy products to do grabs, and so by 2040, the percentage of people with obesity back to the level of 1995. “If we do nothing, let the trend shows that in the next 22 years, 62 percent of the adult Dutch people would be able to go overweight’, it sounds in the preventieakkoord.

How the government’s partial abolition of consumer taxes wants to catch, is not clear. In 2017 resulted in the consumption tax on soft drinks, more than 250 million euros.

Other measures in the preventieakkoord go on a new voedsellogo, the ban of advertising with cartoon characters and events with catering, amongst other voedselporties. The entire national preventieakkoord, where in addition to overweight will also focus on smoking and alcohol consumption, is the end of October officially presented.

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