Sweden discovered cyber-attacks for election

d44c827e78330cc86c24b5e157636ee5 - Sweden discovered cyber-attacks for election

STOCKHOLM – The Swedish internal security service has, for the past weeks, more cyber-attacks and attempts to discover. Hackers are the systems of political parties and government agencies to penetrate. Also, more fake accounts on social media than otherwise. Those accounts are used to provide false information to spread.

“We have such activities been seen before. Attempts to influence people are always there, but we can see the last time an increase, in comparison with the previous elections,” said Säkerhetspolisen.

The security forces late in the middle who is behind the attacks sitting down. There are no major attacks to other countries to write “but there are examples of the willingness of foreign powers to polarize and tensions to cause, so that Sweden looks bad.” The service is called, for example, messages in the Russian media about set fire to cars.

The increase probably has to do with the Swedish parliamentary elections on 9 september. In the polls, it seems that the social democratic party of prime minister Stefan Löfven the largest. The right-populist party the Sweden Democrats seems to be quite a site to go and win and may possibly going to govern with the liberal-conservative Moderaterna.

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