Space station leaking through hole in wall

b64baedb623c4ceecb59894677486979 - Space station leaking through hole in wall

HOUSTON – Space station is struggling with a small hole in the wall. As a result, the press on board Thursday, a little lost. The hole of 2 mm is closed with masking tape. The situation on board is under control. The hole is possibly caused by a collision with space debris or grit.

The hole was in a Russian section of the space station, the so-called Rassvet module. That is the place where capsules that are from the earth, are mounted. Now there is a vessel in which a German, an American and a Russian in June to the ISS arrived. It is not yet known whether the leak has implications for their planned return at the end of this year.

The ISS flies through the vacuum, approximately 400 kilometres above the surface of the earth.

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