Savings necks Dutch broadcasting

5c2179f05c5ac3660fab71a6c0228087 - Savings necks Dutch broadcasting

In the Netherlands the Public service Broadcaster, the programming for the coming year proposed. The major savings of 62 million euro will be retained. That means that the hakbijl a lot in the programming will be taken. The good news is that NPO1 will be safeguarded from the cuts. NPO2 share in the blows. Here will be 7 million euro bondholders are on a budget of 90 million for the programming. Programs about science, history and philosophy to be substantially shortened or stopped.Instead, the viewer will more repeats on tv and there are more foreign productions purchased. Also will tv day, particularly for the elderly, not in its current form continue to exist, can children and jeugdzender NPO3 less programming and is the eve on NPO2 have seen cutbacks

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