Russia announces re military exercises, now on Mediterranean Sea

6d02cddc871b79c4fb327a6d364a8475 - Russia announces re military exercises, now on Mediterranean Sea

Russia wants to from Saturday a week-long military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea organize. The announcement of the Russian ministry of Defense happens at a time when tensions prevail between Moscow and Washington over the Syrian civil war.

The exercise will be 25 warships and ondersteuningsschepen participate, just as the 30 planes, says the ministry. Previously announced Russia is already the largest military exercise since the end of the Soviet Union, which, along with China will do. That exercise will almost 300,000 soldiers, more than 1,000 military aircraft, two fleets of the navy and all the air units of the Russian army participate.

According to the Kremlin are the exercises, augmented precautions’ now the situation in the Syrian province of Idlib may deteriorate. Syrian government forces are advancing to rebellenposities in the province, the last rebellenbolwerk in the country. Tens of thousands of fighters to sit there, embedded, like 3 million citizens. First Syrian attacks do suspect that the campaign in Idlib is imminent.

Russia is the main ally of the Syrian government. Russia defends its support for the Syrian government as an attempt to restore stability. Moscow warned of a possible U.s. attack on Syrian government forces.

“The West is not satisfied with the course for a solution in Syria,” said Maria Zacharova, spokeswoman of the Russian ministry for Foreign Affairs, to the staatsnieuwsagentschap TASS.

Washington accused the Syrian government of crimes against humanity and supported some of the rebellentroepen that the government of president Bashar al-Assad overthrow like throwing.

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