Region in New Zealand wants cats to banish

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The council of the New Zealand region Omaui has submitted a proposal to keep cats as pets, to forbid. The ‘plague plan’ must ensure that the native birds and plants back to get the upper hand.

If the plan is approved, should all cats be sterilized and have a microchip. When a cat dies, the owner not to replace it.

“We are not kattenhaters,” says John Collins of the Omaui Landcare Trust. “But this is no place for cats.’ In the region of Omaui are many native plants and birds can be found. “If cats in nature, they catch the birds and they eat insects or reptiles. That deals a lot of damage, ” says Collins.

New Zealand wants that by 2050 all non-native predators banished with the goal of native species protection. So wants the country to do away with under other rats, possums and stoats . The plan in 2016 has been proposed, but is now also to the cats looked. That species is also under fire because they are on native species of birds to hunt.

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