Police forms between the for killed agent Spa

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THEUX – Hundreds of agents from all over Belgium have at the end of the Saturday night in Spa shot agent Amaury Delrez a between the formed. They wore all black armband and salueerden when the funeral procession passed by.

The departure of the 38-year-old father of three children, was to follow on a large screen outside the church of Theux. A number of local police stations remained during the funeral closed.

Delrez received posthumously the Civil Cross 1st class for bravery, devotion and humanity. That is the highest civilian award of the country-proven services.

The ceremony in Theux was also attended by prime minister Charles Michel, the ministers of the Interior and of Justice, and other prominent politicians.


The police inspector came to life in an audit of a taxi in Spa, shortly after three were boarded. He was shot through the head and died on the spot. The Belgian police arrested Sunday morning the Dutch suspect Yvo T. as the prime suspect. His brother and friend Monday, held in the Netherlands.

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