Painful decision for Laura Lynn

Painful decision for Laura Lynn

The new year announces itself and for Laura Lynn says that a big change in. Her daughter goes to first grade and to do this they must be a painful decision.

Laura Lynn is still happy together with Matthias Lens. Together, the showbizzkoppel a daughter, Eliana, and their red-haired schattenbol this year to the first grade. And that makes on organisational issues best for what problems. Laura Lynn isn’t looking forward to the new milestone in the life of Eliana. “It’s been such a big step! I already know that tears will flow,” says the schlagerkoningin in the Story. In addition, “the big school” for a lot of problems.

In contrast to her mama to see Eliana in the first grade, however, is fully seated. Her boekentasje is already weeks ready. She looks so forward to it “because they are smart is going to be,” says a proud mom smiling in the Story. Also the teacher of the kindergarten class confirms that the girl is ready. Only she will have to learn to sit still in the classroom. And maybe less of a dream? But also for the mom and the dad there will be quite a change…

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