Official looted fund Grenfell-disaster

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LONDON – A British official has admitted that they have more than 60,000 pounds (almost 67,000 euro) stole from a fund for survivors of the fire in the Grenfell Tower. The 39-year-old Jenny McDonagh gave the money according to the Public Ministry, among others, on trips to Dubai and Los Angeles, and expensive dinners, messages of British media.

Jenny McDonagh.

The woman worked for the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where more than a year ago, 72 people were killed by the fire in the residential tower. McDonagh is suspected of prepaid credit cards used to have that were intended for survivors or relatives of victims. They gave according to the ORDER in ten months ‘ time, tens of thousands of pounds, to gamble over the internet.

The police arrested McDonagh at the beginning of August. According to the prosecutor’s office is now also considered whether the official’s previous employers has highlighted.

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