Offender Chemnitz is a rejected asylum-seeker

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Amsterdam – Yousif Ibrahim A., a 22-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq, is one of the perpetrators of the stabbing in Chemnitz that in the night from Saturday to Sunday, Daniel H., the life took. The asylum seeker would be the German magistrate have known the victim five times in the chest stabbed to. Yousif A. together with a friend, Alaa S. because of the murder in custody held.

According to the German newspaper Bild is Yousif A. before and justice came in contact. Last year he was up to eight months in prison and two years of conditionally convicted of an assault with serious injury as a result. Also he has several times been arrested for drug possession, scams, and serious traffic violations.

Yousif A. in 2015 in Germany arrived. His asylum application was later rejected, but he went against his expulsion to appeal, and has since then been tolerated. He would be the German language examination have successfully completed, and wanted to again as a barber at work, a profession that he is in Iraq also pursued.

Cheating, drugs, alcohol

According to Bild quoted well-known of the perpetrator used Yousif A. many drugs and alcohol. “It went with him often to drugs, he smoked and drank a lot. Then he went often behave strangely. For the rest, it is a nice guy. He had, however, always a knife in my pocket and had a lot of money,” according to the knowledge of the offender.

After the murder in Chemnitz, it came to violent riots, in which extreme right-wing groups behind migrants makes a lot of sense.

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