No Oasis reunion by violent Liam Gallagher

29da69aa4136bd404ce70330e864b797 - No Oasis reunion by violent Liam Gallagher

The long-awaited sake of the band Oasis stands on the ramp. Band member Noel Gallagher is really angry with his younger brother Liam after a video surfaced showing how the singer and his girlfriend are attacked.

For a while, did the rumours that the two brothers back next year on tour would go on with their band Oasis. But after a few days ago a shoquerende video appeared online, refuses the 51-year-old Noel even with his 45-year-old brother Liam to work together. On the images to see how Liam his 36-year-old girlfriend and manager, Debbie Gwyther, heavy tackles in a restaurant in London.

So he pushes Debbie violently through a hallway in the restaurant and he grabs her by the throat. “Noel said to me that a reunion this is ruled out,” says a source to The Sun. “He is so moved by the event that he is not more with his brother on a stage.” In an earlier interview told Liam that he and his brothers grew up with a violent father.

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