New York on Snapchat suddenly ’Jewtropolis’

18c1c9a7263e361dc83fddc60f226b32 - New York on Snapchat suddenly ’Jewtropolis’

AMSTERDAM – Snapchat has a shameful problem with their location labels. The company Mapbox, where Snapchat cards of obtain, probably has to do with a hack.

Snapchat itself reports a message to that effect on Twitter. On social media shared users a map with, in the place of New York, all of a sudden the term ’Jewtropolis’. Also the app StreetEasy would with the same faulting camps.

Now would be the correct name are returned. The term ’jewtropolis’ would be only at a certain zoom have been seen. Also apps like Zillow, CitiBike and Jump Bikes had the problem, writes NBC New York.

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