Music 40-45 to respond by the 60-piece Symphony orchestra

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The Flemish press gathered Wednesday in the Galaxay Studio’s in Mol for the recording of the music of the grand-scale spectacle 40-45. Will Tura and Steve Willaert were for the heavy task to compose music for this huge and demanding production. During the recordings turned out very quickly that this duo with the award of this task has taken. The present cast and creatives hit more than once, entranced by the moving music.

Will Tura: “When the creative force behind Gert Verhulst asked me to music for 40-45 to write I have not a moment hesitated. I cherish the dream to ever have a musical to write. Together with Steve Willaert am, I started to compose music for this extraordinary production. Note for note we have tried to include music to create the story and the intense emotions of 40-45 tell. The music for this performance the audience has become, in all facets.”

Steve Willaert: “As a composer and arranger for this was undoubtedly the most complete experience in my musical life, because in the show a lot of different facets to offer.”

Gert Verhulst: “My admiration for Will Tura is huge. His talent as a songwriter combined with the experience of Steve Willaert as a film composer, we are the perfect tandem for 40-45 have found”

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