Mother McCain (106): too old to rent car? Then I will buy Peugeot

c80676d14afe9122c36cfa26e3ac7931 - Mother McCain (106): too old to rent car? Then I will buy Peugeot

WASHINGTON – The mother of John McCain, who at the age of 81 died, is next week the most conspicuous guest at his funeral. She is now 106 years old.

Archive photo of McCain junior and senior, taken in 2008. Mother McCain was 96.

Roberta McCain lost her twin sister, her husband and even her son. Now it appears that despite poor health as ’normal’ will be present at the funeral of John, pick up American media stories about her.

So she wanted to ever rent a car during a visit to Europe; that was not allowed, because she was ’too old’. The then 93-year-old Roberta did not know, forgot the rent, and bought tells me a Peugeot.

Later she left that car to the east coast of the US ship to him personally to San Francisco to drive. They crossed the entire country.


John was a bell, and heard that she – all alone – on a roadtrip, while the ninety largely was passed. Typical her, writes The Times: the woman was adventurous, loved to travel, and did not return.

In his book, described McCain and his mother as ’a woman who was raised to be strong, determined, enjoying life, and any possibility of moving’. “I am grateful for the strength that they gave me showed.”

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