’Mayor in yellow bikini top in London

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LONDON – A huge balloon that the London mayor Sadiq Khan in a yellow bikini proposes, should be embarrassed above the British capital. Campaigners took according to the BBC, more than 58.000 pounds (65,000 euro) at approximately 9-meter-long leviathan.

Sadiq Khan (center) on the archive view.

The activists were inspired by a similar protestballon that looked like a babyversie of Donald Trump. Who went to the sky in when the Us president paid a visit to Great Britain.

“Let’s make a ‘baby Khan’ and see if the freedom of expression applies to everyone”, wrote the authors of the action. They find that Khan is responsible for a misdaadgolf in the city.

The authorities have now given the green light to the balloon on 1 september in the parliament. Mayor Khan reacted is left on the action. “If people on Saturday to me in a yellow bikini want to look, is up to them”, he said. “I just do not think that yellow is good for me.”

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