May with a mouth full of teeth: “What did you for Nelson Mandela?’

During her three-day visit to Africa did the British prime minister Theresa May also South Africa. For her visit to robben island, where Nelson Mandela between ’64 and ’82 was a prisoner, wanted to be a journalist to know to know what May had done to him.

‘You were in the 70’s and the 80 is already active in politics. What have you done to Nelson Mandela free, ” asked Channel 4 journalist Michael Crick. “What is important is what the United Kingdom did, tried May the question to dodge, but that was without Crick included. “No, what did you do? Are you going to argue? You were picked up at the embassy? Intent on you South African products? Did you do something?”

“I think you’re good enough to know that I wasn’t going to argue’, gave May, but she refused to say if they are as conservative in that period, just as then prime minister Thatcher thought that Mandela was a terrorist. ‘Will you stand on robben island to feel guilty that you have nothing done for Mandela, tried to Crick one more time. “I will, especially, an immense amount of respect for his statesmanship’, decided the British prime minister.

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