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Max Verstappen: “2019 is a positive transition year with Honda”

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Max Verstappen thinks that Red Bull, at the earliest, in 2020, to be a serious challenger for the Mercedes and Ferrari.

Next year we will have another Red Bull, the klantenmotor of Renault is exchanged for a fabrieksexemplaar of Honda and Pierre Gasly will veteran Daniel Ricciardo replaced.

By these shifts on the rijdersmarkt is Max Verstappen will be the most experienced Red Bull driver and there will be expected of him that he of the team in tow. The young Dutchman is expected, however, not that Red Bull next year a titelkandidaat.

“Everyone wants to be front drive, but in the Formula 1 is not so easy,” said Verstappen in ‘Daily Express.’ “We have to be in the beginning a lot of steps, but we hope by the end of the year the others to approach.”

“The year after, we will normally, at full strength work. I think next year is a year of transition will be, but in the positive sense. In any case We will know where we stand and what the next steps are taken.”

This season is third place in the championship is still within reach for Verstappen but he seems not to lie awake.

“With a third place, you have nothing, whether I’m third or fifth finish doesn’t really matter for me.”

At Red Bull themselves, they look forward to the cooperation with Honda. Given the difficult period that the Japanese, with McLaren having experienced since their return to F1 may be stated that the collaboration with Red Bull still a bit of a surprise.

Also Verstappen will see clear signs of progress at Honda.

“As you can see from where they over the last few years they have made considerable progress. You rarely see that something is broken, but the important thing now is that they are the limits to look.”

“They have the resources but it is also necessary if you want to compete against Mercedes and Ferrari, all in all, Honda is a serious challenger.”

“There is already quite a bit of work on the test bench was carried out, and they want a lot of gearboxes of us to prepare for next year. They are extremely passionate and they want thousands of miles to do on the bench,” concluded Verstappen.

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