Man part arm lost after eating sushi

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Seoul – Warning: this picture ruined your appetite. Eating sushi has a 71-year-old Korean man his forearm cost. Doctors saw no other possibility that the terribly swollen arm to be amputated.

The culprit: the bacterium vilnio vulnificus, which live in the sea, and also in fish and especially shellfish can nest. The bacterium causes in the line of symptoms as vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, but can also ’flesh-eating’ tendencies to exhibit. And that last is what happened with the unnamed Korean after the eat of – that proved to be – contaminated sushi, reports

After eating, showed the palm of the hand of the man, who already suffered from diabetes 2, kidney problems and high blood pressure, a huge swear. During the treatment discovered by doctors in the presence of the bacteria, with antibiotics, was contested. That offered no solace; the man also developed sores on the back of his hand and his forearm. That had finally to be amputated.

Doctors warn that consumption of seafood, by definition, a (small) risk of contamination of vilnio vulnificus entails. It is estimated that each year worldwide about 52,000 people are sick of a vibrio infection after eating contaminated food. Of them die 10. ’Order sushi only from a reputable restaurant, where the ingredients are fresh and good to be kept refrigerated’. Oh, and for the lovers of oysters: that you eat the best not raw.

Moreover, healthy people, in general, sufficient resistance to a vibrio infection to endure. People with reduced immunity are at more risk, not only by eating contaminated food, but also, for example, by with an open wound in contaminated water swimming. At least one case is known of someone who died after swimming in contaminated water. The victim had just got a new tattoo.

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