Malaysia investigates death dwergolifanten

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KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia has opened an investigation into the increasing mortality among dwergolifanten, an endangered species in the tropical rainforest on Borneo lives. This year in the northeast state of Sabah al 25 copies found dead. That is, according to the director of the regional natuurbeschermingsdienst a record. In the last eight years, there are more than a hundred elephants died.

The dwergolifant – notable by a smaller stature, oversized ears, tail to the ground, and relatively straight tusks – only on the island of Borneo, which Malaysia shares with Indonesia and Brunei. The World wide Fund for Nature (WWF) estimates the total population to 1500 animals. Loss of their natural habitat by deforestation is the biggest threat, but also poachers are a problem.

That state, however, is not the current mortality rates. However, it has been noticed that the elephants frequent the rainforest to leave, and on oil palm plantations around. Saturday found, such as the remains of a olifantenkoe. A wound to the head would be caused by a bullet.

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