Let yourself be surprised by a new season the Way We Are

15cf3337549396a9eda437e52e683d40 - Let yourself be surprised by a new season the Way We Are

In the new season of Road are we going to three well-known Flemish people again, the challenge: put together a cozy weekend close to home organizing. With whom she has two days to go, they discover only on the morning of the departure. This season go under the other, Kristel Verbeke, Thomas Smith, Evi Van Acker, Maarten Vangramberen, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Jens Dendoncker, Guga Baul, James Cooke, Wim Ballieu and Gudula cathedral Guards the challenge.

On the basis of their interests, hobbies or bucketlist organize the well-known Flemish people, each one part of the weekend: an activity, an overnight stay or something gourmet. For the culinary part they are this season surprise by beekeepers, sushimeesters and renowned wine producers, they sleep in a unique place such as a slow cabin, a converted canal boat and a spherical cocoon, and with activities such as nature photography, paragliding, flying and flyboarding choose them for the adventure.

Also in this season the viewers will be inspired to do for a weekend away close to home and be surprised by the beauty of vakantieplekken just a few steps from their front door. All this through the eyes of some well-known trios.

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