Kylie Jenner is the new ambassador of Adidas

4444abc9d3f02305b1973ea1c20c9861 - Kylie Jenner is the new ambassador of Adidas

Kylie Jenner slide sports brand Puma after two years on the side and get over to competitor Adidas. The realityster announced the news via Instagram Stories. “So happy that I can finally tell that I am now a ambassador am of Adidas”, this is it.

It is not yet clear when Jenners contract with Puma exactly ends, but brother-in-law Kanye West is already in his element. The latter have been working together with Adidas for his shoes and clothing line Yeezy. The rapper was anything but pleased when his own sister-in-law two years ago, a miljoenendeal signed with the competition.

For the time being, Jenner, only the face of a specific pair of sneakers, the Falcons. Who wore them in her announcement on Instagram.

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