Kanye West apologizes for slavery-statements

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In the studio of TMZ called Kanye West slavery earlier this year “a choice”. In that same notorious interview, he said that “we still choose to be a slave to”. The statements ontlokten a storm of criticism. In an interview with a radio station out of Chicago offered the rapper yesterday, apologies.

“I don’t know if I have enough apologies for how my words about slavery befell many people,” said the husband of realityster Kim Kardashian on radio station WGCI-FM. “So I want to take this opportunity to say: I’m sorry that people at that time in the abandoned felt.”

Four months ago had the West an interview with news site in which he said that 400 years of slavery for him “sounded like a choice”. After a lot of criticism modified his statement later on Twitter: “I am aware that slaves not of their own free will, on boats left, but to be so long in that position – even though we were large in number – shows that we are mentally enslaved.”

In a different tweet complained, West about the fact that he “again attacked was because he was new insights brought”.

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