Jan Kriekels has a new love

25e91c159e5ee56b7d63e82fac94d6e8 - Jan Kriekels has a new love

After his stormy knipperlichtrelatie with Kirsten Janssens has Jaga-chief and ‘The Sky Is The Limit’, the face, Jan Kriekels (58) the love found in the Limburg clean Barbara Monika Rodriguez (36). That writes het belang Van Limburg. The eccentric businessman with the vaginazwembad took a few pictures of them both online. Rodriguez has Polish roots and studied economics and psychology. She has a teenage son from a previous relationship. Twelve years ago she came in Beringen live, and in the meantime, there is an own brand from the ground up, Angelo Demoni. She is showing her own collections, and as a model shone them a while ago on the international beauty pageant Miss Top of the World.

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