IAEA: Iran complies with nuclear deal

8a15c247dbab2c12ca3023d0db61c906 - IAEA: Iran complies with nuclear deal

VIENNA – Iran is still the most important appointments in the atoomakkoord. This is evident from a confidential quarterly report from the International atomic energy agency (IAEA), which has been recognised by press agencies.

The atoomakkoord between Iran and the major powers dates from 2015. The main goal was to prevent Tehran a nuclear weapon would develop. The Us president, Donald Trump has the events now in the trash thrown, and again, sanctions are imposed. The other countries that the agreement, as signed, are upset about.

Although the agreement under pressure by the action of the American government, the IAEA still monitors the compliance of the deal. The organization concludes that Iran will not be more low-enriched uranium and heavy water in stock than is permitted. Reviewers could make the necessary inspections to fix that, as appears from the quarterly report.

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