“Hopefully, we can death of John McCain, the Americans reunite’

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Us senator John McCain is today in state in the Capitol building in Washington D. C. But the inhabitants of his home state of Arizona could Wednesday, their final salute release. ‘McCain was the typical example of a civilized politician. I hope his death the people of the Us can reunite.’

In this last augustusdagen it is very hot in the southern state of Arizona, where the mercury is easily over forty degrees climbs. Nevertheless defy on this hot Wednesday afternoon – on the day that John McCain …

In this last augustusdagen it is very hot in the southern state of Arizona, where the mercury is easily over forty degrees climbs. Nevertheless defy on this hot Wednesday afternoon – on the day that John McCain his 82nd birthday would celebrate – an estimated seven thousand mourners the dry desert heat of Phoenix, to the deceased senator, one last greeting.

The city of Phoenix has that excellent directed. Volunteers share continuously ijskoele bottles of water to visitors, and here and there are white tents drawn up, so that people in a dash of shadow can wait.

John McCains coffin, with a large American flag draped in the round entreezaal of the State Capitol, the local parliament of Arizona, the state that he was in the Senate in Washington represented. The senator, who Saturday, to an aggressive brain tumour died, had his funeral service and reporting are meticulously directed.

Trump is not welcome

So he made advance clearly understood that his political Nemesis, Donald Trump is not welcome at the ceremonies in Washington. And also McCains suicide note, that Monday was read, contained a barely veiled criticism of the incumbent president. He advised the American people to ” not to despair about our current difficulties’.

Many who are in the dry heat of queuing, wholeheartedly agree. “I am very concerned about the current political situation,” says Paul Pilcher, an entrepreneur who, years ago, from Boston to Phoenix is moved, ‘but McCain was an optimist and that I also try to be. I keep telling myself that America is past this nasty stage of “reality tv politics” know how to get it.”

Paul – a Democrat who likes to sit down at to Republican senator McCain to greetings – irritated by the numerous personal attacks and the interest in politics’, and to the current occupant of the White House. “The government of Vietnam had previously been a beautiful condoleanceboodschap ready for John McCain than our own president. That’s not normal is it?’


Also in Phoenix is Vietnam very well represented. At the beginning of the row moves a surprisingly large group of Asians. It comes to an association of Vietnamese refugees in Orange County, a conservative stronghold in the progressive California, which borders Arizona. They are with 110 men per bus to Arizona and traveled.

Chon Vo fled away on his 23rd from Vietnam to the United States. “That was 38 years ago. I found freedom and prosperity, and I built a better life. This country has given me all the opportunities given. John McCain is my hero, because he was in Vietnam for my freedom and moisture.’

In the queue are a lot of Vietnam. Rick Haberling moisture in the marines. ‘After the war was John McCain a hero, but the rest of us was back in America, as a rig to be considered. Like we recently released criminals were. But John took it for us, and that gave me a safe feeling.”

McCain was a Republican, but Rick feels it is politically independent. In a very Republican state like Arizona, where Trump in 2016, with 48 percent of Hillary Clinton won, he is not always resented: ‘most of them are “mad dog Trump supporters”. Against them that I keep mostly my mouth. You will still get afraid in this country about politics.’

A deep divide

Pull up a chair for John McCain do the Trump supporters. Democrats seem to be in the majority, and it is even considerable to find a moderate Republican.

Preston Miller, a Vietnamveteraan who graduated from the prestigious military academy of West Point, vote for the Grand Old Party. He describes McCain as ” a typical example of civilised behaviour in the political system’.

Preston hopes that the numerous attendance at the coffin of John McCain illustrates that many American citizens have exactly the same wish: That politicians make compromises, and create solutions for real problems.”

‘It would be nice if John McCains death of us, Americans, could unite.’ But Preston fears sure. ‘Monday, after the funeral, is that a deep divide just back.’

Not until the thirteenth senator that is in state

John McCain is still the thirteenth senator in the Capitol building in Washington D. C. is brought to the cathedral, a tribute to the most eminent citizens of America.Saturday an event took place in the cathedral of Washington. Two former presidents, George Bush and Barack Obama, will take the floor. Both have John McCain during a hard election battle reports. Nevertheless, they were very honored with the request about John McCain to speak. On Sunday, senator McCain during a privéceremonie buried in the cemetery of the maritime academy in Annapolis, in the state of Maryland, where he graduated as a fighter pilot. (iro)

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