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Hong Kong simplifies the migration of Blockchain experts

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According to the crypto ban in China gave way to Chinese crypto exchanges to Hong Kong. Now the special administrative district wants to welcome you also, increasingly, Blockchain developer, and simplifies the immigration policy for DLT-experts.

The Hong Kong special administrative region has already developed in 2006, in the framework of the immigration policy to a System for determining the quality of migration candidates (QMAS). Who has passed the related Test, it is allowed to settle, without first having a job offer from a local employer to obtain.

Bonus points for Blockchain developers

The Hong Kong government has on 28. August a so-called “talent list” published on the eleven occupational groups are specified, which are now entitled to get bonus points for the QMAS. So the government wants to attract experts of innovative technologies such as the Blockchain:

“With the aim of experts from around the world more effective and targeted to attract and to support the development of Hong Kong with a business with high added value and diversity, was created in the talent list, with eleven Appointed after extensive consultation with interest groups”,

it is stated in the accompanying description.

So one of these professional groups, “innovation and technology experts, including in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, Distributed Ledger technologies, biometric technologies, and industrial/chemical engineering, etc.”.

The QMAS requires that applicants must meet several requirements before you can get points. Who would like to qualify in the area of Innovation and technology, therefore, requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Also, experiences in reputable companies will be required. Block chain experts need to be experienced in addition, the application of the DLT in the context of financial services. These conditions are met, the candidate additional points:

“For applicants that meet the requirements of the respective professional in the talent list, bonus points are awarded in the framework of the General points test of QMAS.”

Hong Kong was already in the past year, as a starting point for “Blockchain-Refugees” from China, as Chinese stock markets due to the crypto ban, the country had to leave and in the special administrative region found refuge.

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