’Girl (4) gets fatal infection fit new shoes’

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LONDON – When a young mother from Britain last week to a shoe shop and went to a new pair of shoes to choose from for her four-year-old daughter, she had never imagined that the trip would end up in the hospital.

The girl suffered a life-threatening infection (see photos below) in the fit of the shoes, tells the mother to British media. Now she wants other parents to warn.

According to Jodie Thomas (26) had her daughter Sienna (4) sick after she had her bare feet in a pair of shoes had slipped. She was crying from the pain, which her mother took her immediately and took them to a doctor.

Who soon saw that the blood poisoning was, due to a severe bacterial infection. “The next day, the infection is already spread to her leg,” says Jodie. “My daughter had a severe fever. She shook and trembled. It was awful to my little girl.”

Five days infusion

Sienna was eventually five days on a drip in the hospital while they antibiotics and got her foot drained. She is now back home.

The doctors are convinced that the girl’s life-threatening sepsis had suffered in the shoe store. “Normally, she wears socks, but it was hot that day and we had them out of the city”, says the mother.


“The shoes they liked, had been attracted by other kids. It was according to the doctor by the bacteria which were that they have the infection down.”

Jodie now warns other parents that their children are always socks to wear when they shoes fit. “You never know who’s there already with his or her feet in that prototype shoes in the past,” she says.

“Nobody is immune”

Doctor Ron Daniels – an international authority in the field of sepsis – suspect that the skin of Sienna’s foot was defective for the infection got, for example, by an injury or an insect bite.

“Sepsis can be anywhere strike and no one there is immune,” says the doctor. “If there are signs of inflammation, let you best have a doctor look at it. Whether the sepsis can. More awareness would each year thousands of lives to be saved.”

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