Geert Wilders blows olen and off

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The Dutch right-wing populist politician Geert Wilders has decided to olen and about the prophet Muhammad, not to let go. According to Wilders walk the information about the contest ‘the scuppers’.

“In order for risk to be victims of islamic violence to avoid, I decided the olen and not to let go. Safety of people comes before everything, let he in a statement to know.

This week was a man in Den Haag picked up that said an attack to want to commit on Wilders because of the competition. In Pakistan, hundreds of people take to the streets merged to demonstrate against the PVV-leader and against the Netherlands.

“But it’s not just me. In the meantime, others also danger from all the threats of extreme muslims that is not only me, but the whole of the Netherlands as a target and more of the death and terror, than of the lives, ” said Wilders.

Second Room

Wilders wanted the olen and in november will take place in a closed area of the Second Chamber in the Netherlands.

The politician says that his point about the violent and intolerant nature of islam has once again been demonstrated’.

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