France ‘not willing to pay for the Europe of the populists’

e789f2537dce7fbec1ff565cb814d0a8 - France ‘not willing to pay for the Europe of the populists’

France is not willing to pay’ for European countries that the ‘fundamentals’ of the European Union do not respect it. That said, the French minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian on Wednesday, nine months before the European elections.

Le Drian was referring in particular to Poland and Hungary. He made the decisions for the French ambassadors who were in Paris met.

“Every member state is free to the leaders to choose who they want, but our vision of the EU, as a union of alliances and values, is not compatible with those of governments that the principles are not respected and don’t feel connected to communal solidarity,” said Le Drian. ‘In substance, they have a utilitarian approach of the Union. They pick out what interests them, in the first place, the redistribution of money.’

‘French-German axis has been the motor of European relance’

Le Drian also went in on the reception of refugees. He wants the outlines of a common position agree with Germany for the top of Salzburg in september. The European Union and Italy are at odds with each other: the one accuses the other of a lack of solidarity in the reception of refugees. Tempers reached boiling point when Rome threatened to use his veto against the new European budget.

“We want a Franco-German position for the top of Salzburg on 20 september. We want the subject to leave it to the populists, to the sellers of illusion. We also know that the French-German axis the motor of the European relance’, said Le Drian.

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