Former policeman gets in US 15 years in prison for shooting unarmed teen

fb4d5038f124fd7a86ce1c024ecf254b - Former policeman gets in US 15 years in prison for shooting unarmed teen

A former policeman Wednesday night in the United States sentenced to a term of imprisonment of fifteen years for the murder of Jordan Edwards in Dallas, Texas. Fifteen-year-old boy was unarmed when he in 2017, was shot dead.

The jury had the agent previously found guilty after two days of deliberations. Wednesday, she made also the penalty is known.

Former police officer Roy Oliver shot on 29 april 2017 several times on a car in which five young people were sitting. A shot struck the head of Jordan Edwards, who was 15 years old.

The 38-year-old policeman, who has since been discharged, was made with a colleague to a party sent where minors allegedly alcohol were drinking. The officers heard shots when they spot arrived. At that time, stepped Jordan Edwards and other young people, according to the local press in a car driving away from the party, after the shots were heard. The policeman shot on the car.

‘Fifteen years is not enough’

The police said at first that the agent in self-defense had shot because the car with the young people from backward reed. But the images from his camera showed that the car from him and drove away when he opened fire.

The lawyer of the family Edwards, Daryl Washington, said that the case ‘all Afro-Americans’ concerned, ‘all the unarmed African Americans who were killed and for whom no justice is done’. The family of the victim reacted after the verdict that they fifteen years is not enough.

The lawyers of the police officer said, according to the local media that they were planning to appeal.

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