Five prisoners on Arkansas’s death by drugs

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LITTLE ROCK – In a high-security prison in the U.s. state of Arkansas, five prisoners were found dead, presumably after the use of contaminated drugs. That has the department that the prisons will let you know. Two dead inmates were Wednesday found since Sunday were already three other prisoners died.

Leaders of the prison in Arkansas suspect that synthetic marijuana was the cause of the deaths. The institution gave no information on how the drugs had come. “We would not be surprised if the coroner finds that the illicit drugs the cause of his death”, said Jim DePriest, the president of the ministry in the state of Arkansas.

Probably related

DePriest suspect that there is a connection between the deaths. “There is an internal investigation and the state police of Arkansas, also makes research.”

In prisons in Arkansas, they try for months the use of synthetic marijuana to reduce. This drug is the cause of multiple deaths seen. According to gevangenismedewerkers were in the sixteen prisons in the state in 2017 to more than a thousand overdoses and there were more than ten dead.

More poison

In the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania this week, although prisoners and staff in prisons, the victims of a poisoning. In Ohio, they thought that the reason was an opiate, or the very powerful painkiller fentanyl.

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