Chinese video site, wants to lose ’taxistreams’

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BEIJING – truck Drivers who work over Chinese taxi-apps, have images of unsuspecting passengers broadcast live via the internet. A Chinese video site now takes action against such practices and prohibits the riders still longer such films of the clients, message to the newspaper South China Morning Post.

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The shooting directors may attempt to earn extra money. They get paid for the transport of passengers, but also a kind of tips to get viewers. Because streamers each other online, fiercely compete, some people, according to the newspaper, however, very far to internet users to their channel to lure.

In one case, left a man, which presented itself as a driver of a taxi-app, viewers have their say on which female customer he had to pick up. The streamer sent then images from which to see how his passenger was asking questions about her age, work and other topics. The number of viewers on his channel grew rapidly from 1000 to 20,000. In the chat room, it rained for the flat notes on the woman.

In China arose the commotion after notification of such filmpraktijken on video site-in its third line, the Chinese answer to Twitch. That company is now in action and says that directors “have no form of interaction with their passengers live allowed to stream.” Offenders can solid measures to meet, promises to be its third line.

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