Bremens member of parliament suspected of a leak in Chemnitz

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The public prosecutor’s office in Germany suspects a regional member of parliament from the state of Bremen the arrest warrant of one of the suspected perpetrators of the stabbing in Chemnitz to have leaked. The messages on this topic in the German media, Thursday, confirmed by the attorney-general.

In the Eastern German city of Chemnitz were manifestations of the extreme right-wing Sunday and Monday resulted in riots and violence on migrants. The protest arose after a 35-year-old German Saturday night was stabbed to death by migrants. The identity of one of the suspected perpetrators – an Iraqi – was has come to light after the arrest warrant for the suspect leaked.

The court suspects Jan Timke, that the small right-wing populist party Bürger in Wut (BIW) in the regional parliament in Bremen is the seat, it is at the origin of the leak. He would be the document via Facebook spread. According to attorney-general Frank Passade has Wednesday, a house search took place in the apartment of Timke.

Timke works for the federal police. But that function is temporarily on hold so he can concentrate on his work as a member of parliament.

The leak of an arrest warrant may in Germany be punished with a fine or with imprisonment of up to 1 year.

The leak was the police the past few days under fire in Germany. It proves, according to some, that there are too close links between the German police and extreme-right movements such as Pegida. Last week was the sheriff’s department Dresden has to apologize after an extreme-right protester that a tv crew had attacked a police ofcers rely turned out to be.

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