Bieke of the perfect gezinsplaatje is now for murder

aaf629f5de0e758f260f91b815066f7d - Bieke of the perfect gezinsplaatje is now for murder

Jabbeke – Tuesday night walked father Nicolas and wife Bieke W. still hand in hand down the street in the Belgian Varsenare. Wednesday were her children, Elyse (4), Fabrice (2) and Arthur (3 months) death in the house found and tried the highly respected nurse themselves to pieces to drive against a concrete wall.

The village asked bewildered how this has happened with the seemingly perfect family, writes het Nieuwsblad. Father a machinist at the Belgian NS, mother worked in the hospital in Bruges.

A beautiful family photo with all five of us posing in a swimming pool. Two smiling parents, Fabrice with love handles, Elyse without straps; and in the midst of baby Arthur. We write August 7, and the youngest is exactly two months old.

The photo exudes happiness. “They were happy”, says a schoolmoeder that the West-Flemish family from Varsenare, municipality of Jabbeke, knows well. The two were jeugdliefdes. “It seemed to be the perfect picture,” says someone else.

For the emergency services started the drama when Bieke to two hours at night, against a betonpijler reed. The apparent suicide attempt failed. In the ambulance she told us what her children had happened. When the agents arrived, was father a deep sleep. The three children had been some time deceased.

Bieke has been arrested. The big question is what her floated to the act.

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