‘A Quiet Place 2’ scheduled for may 2020

921a8675daa7e08c15e64131622ea30f - 'A Quiet Place 2' scheduled for may 2020

The horror film ‘A Quiet Place’ by John Krasinski, grew to become one of the largest bioscoophits of this year, with a global yield of about 322 million dollars. Due to the success there was a sequel written in the stars, and Paramount has that suspicion is now confirmed: the sequel comes out on may 15, 2020 in the North American halls, reports entertainmentmagazine Variety.

Krasinski will certainly be involved in the production of the sequel, but will most likely be behind the camera to stand still, and so no play prominent roles – unlike the original, where he is the character Lee Abbott put it, a family man that his family, at any cost, seeks to protect against noise-sensitive aliens. Krasinski, known for his role as Jim in the American sitcom ‘The Office’, has in the past stated that a sequel might revolve around other survivors of the alien invasion.

Movie studio Paramount is arguing that the horror film win an Oscar in the category of ‘best popular film’. In July, the Oscarcampagne around the movie are in the works.

In addition, there is yet another filmnieuws at the home Paramount: the release of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, the long-awaited sequel to the original from 1986, a year is postponed to 26 June 2020. Allegedly would be the complex luchtscènes with the fighters, the reason for the delay.

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