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Xandro Meurisse breaks through the chain of victories of team mate with a profit in Druivenkoers

4b2e3daf79ca8e58af9a034098d9bded - Xandro Meurisse breaks through the chain of victories of team mate with a profit in Druivenkoers

Xandro Meurisse (Wanty-Groupe Gobert) on Wednesday in the Flemish-Brabant-Overijse, the 58th edition of the Druivenkoers (1.1) won. The 26-year-old Meurisse was after 196,4 km with start and arrival in Overijse in a sprint faster than the Dutchman Oscar Riesebeek (Roompot-Dutch Lottery) and Jimmy Janssens (Cibel-Cebon).

Meurisse broke the chain of victories of his team-mate Jérôme Baugnies, who the previous three years every year was the best in Overijse. The record of four consecutive victories remains so in the name of Bjorn Leukemans (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013). For Meurisse, last year third in the Druivenkoers, it was the first victory of the season.

At the start was the pace very high. After the first 50 km course formed a leading group with Dries De Bondt, Maxime Farazijn, the Canadian Benjamin Perry, the Dutchman Ivar Swallow, the Brit Joshua Teasdale, the Frenchman Steven Tronet and the German Jannik Discussion. The seven if the eight local laps, each of which is 11,9 kilometers, on and around the station Square of Overijse containing the ascent of the Tombeurstraat and the Schavei, begin with a lead of 1:20 on the peloton.

In the large group, it was mainly the riders of Wanty-Groupe Gobert and Joker-Icopal that the pace determined. With still 55 miles to go, it went too fast for Discussion. A round later, also lost Joshua Teasdale in touch with the leading group. With still three rounds of the bow for the reason that only Dries De Bondt and Benjamin Perry for the peloton. What later they were apprehended and we got a general regrouping. Immediately went also raining, open them, and the riders will be treated to a hefty downpour.

Just before the start of the final lap drew Meurisse, Janssens and Riesebeek in the attack. They sprokkelden quickly, half a minute ahead. The reaction from the peloton was not ordered. Riesebeek put in the final kilometer is still a failure, but that was neatly parried by Meurisse; Janssens had his companions, however, be drive. In the subsequent sprint took Meurisse.

Meurisse is to a dandy season in progress. He normally would the Tour have driven, but he gave priority to the birth of his first child. He was later selected for the European championship, where he was in the service of Wout van Aert with a strong finale reed and in Glasgow, the sixth on the finish.

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