Wiesbaden let Erdogan-statue removal

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The city of Wiesbaden has decided to the golden statue of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which was part of an arts festival, to remove. The safety could not be guaranteed, please notify the town Tuesday night via Twitter.

On Twitter are images to see how the statue with the help of a brandweerkraan brought down. The police says that the cleanup of the four-metre-high statue without incident.

Tuesday night, it came to violent words are exchanged between supporters and opponents of the Turkish president at the foot of the image. A politiewoordvoerder spoke of a ” slightly aggressive mood’.

“On a human-like statue’

The art installation at the biennale of Wiesbaden, caused a lot of fuss. Also, the city council responded surprised. In the run-up to the biennale she gave the approval for a ‘human-like statue’, communicates the city Tuesday. But it was not clear that the Erdogan-statue”.

The intendant of the staatstheater of Wiesbaden, Uwe Eric Laufenberg, defends the installation as a statement for free speech. ‘The statue will be sure to lead discussion. And it will be the different opinions about such a statue. Art makes visible what is. We need that which is visible. Then we have to deal with it, ” he said to the Wiesbadener Kurier.

The arts festival runs until Sunday. The theme this year is ‘Bad news’.

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