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US Open regrets reprimand for tennis that for quite a while in sports bra on the field stood

The French tennis player Alizé Cornet received Tuesday at the US Open a reprimand from the umpire, because they are on the field, her shirt turned around making them for quite a while in her sports bra on the field was to be seen. The organization of the grand slam tournament in New York now know that it is the decision of the umpire regrets.

The severe judgment of the stoelumpire brought much criticism, and there goes the organisation of the US Open now agree. “We regret that Alizé Cornet a reprimand was given”, they said Wednesday in a statement. “We have the regulations further resolved, that in the future no longer be the case. Fortunately, it remained a reprimand and there was no penalty.”


After a hittepauze in her match against Swedish Johanna Larsson suggested the Cornet fixed her shirt reversed. Therefore, she turned it, and was really just her sports bra visible. Stoelumpire Christian Rask found that sufficient for a reprimand.

Also the WTA – the umbrella organisation of the vrouwentennis – join in the debate. According to them, there was not a single WTA rules violated and the punishment than not.

That men for the same ‘offence’ can never be punished, put a lot of bad blood in the sand, and led to loud criticism. Not just this, many find that Cornet not at all, the error is gone, an argument that now is followed by the organisers of the US Open.

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