Two suspects, ” Spa ” Thursday brought

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AMSTERDAM – The brother and a friend of the main suspect of the shooting in Spa Thursday brought up in Amsterdam. Than looking at or the two in ‘overleveringsdetentie” are placed. Belgium, the Netherlands, after all, prompted the duo to deliver.

Agent Amaury Delrez was shot to death in Spa.

The two men were earlier this week in the Netherlands arrested. They would have been involved in the shooting in the Belgian Spa, where this weekend a police officer was killed. Sunday morning was all the Dutchman Yvo T. (from Limburg) held. He was on the night of Saturday, along with his brother and a friend in a taxi in Spa after being denied at a café, where he had a firearm had been displayed. A moment later, he would a police inspector have been shot.

T. is accused of murder and an assassination of a other agent. The Belgian authorities have the Netherlands asked the duo with T. in the taxi was to deliver.

A spokeswoman for the Public Prosecutor says that the appearance in court by the prosecutor Thursday exclusively to the request for extradition turns, not to the content of the case. Should the two not oppose extradition, then they would, in principle, within ten days in Belgium can be transferred. If they are there, however, resist, the uitleveringsverzoek to the court and that there must be within ninety days of a judgment.

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