Thousands of bees on hotdogkraampje Times Square

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NEW YORK – A swarm of thousands of bees Tuesday around lunch time, a special location chosen to establish itself at the top of a hotdogkraampje in Times Square in New York.

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The police had to be a part of the crowded place to drop off so the bees removed. According to the NY Times was the owner of the station at the intersection of 43rd Street and Broadway are not happy with the visit of the insects. Others could still laugh.

According to a beekeeper, there were between 15,000 and 20,000 bees on top of the hotdogkraam. “You just have the legs to count, and then by six parts”, he joked.

Normally come in swarms in the spring, but due to the extremely warm weather would be the queen – and thousands of others – a different location have searched. According to the expert keep New Yorkers bees on rooftops, often for honey. They have so moved.

“I think they are a dog wanted,” said the beekeeper. The bees were in an hour’s time can be sucked away by an agent who is himself a beekeeper. They were on a ’safe place’ outside the city released.

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