’The chinese would hack into third-Clinton

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WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump claims that Chinese hackers during the election campaign, in 2016, e-mail accounts of his rival Hillary Clinton have invaded. He stated that via Twitter, but gave no proof.

Hillary Clinton

Currently, Russian hackers as the culprit seen. Last month it was announced that the U.S. twelve Russian intelligence officers to prosecute for interference in the American presidential election of 2016. The twelve are accused of hacking into the board of the Democratic Party and the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

In his statement about the Chinese hackers based Trump is probably on the right-wing populist blog Daily Caller which is not seen as a serious news source. The blog relies on anonymous sources within the secret services.

The Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs showed that he is not surprised about the accusations and called it “nothing new.” Trump said in april last year that China is behind the computerinbraken sat. The department has called China a champion in the field of cyber security and expressed against any form of hacking.

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