Tentative five names known for ‘The Smartest Human’

a9a4d5456f747ea2a7e160a62877b9d7 - Tentative five names known for 'The Smartest Human'

The FOUR programme ‘The Smartest Man’ made up to now five of the names that will join the televisiequiz. Four names were already known, today is the name of Saartje Vandendriessche added.

Vandendriessche may act in the popular quiz, because the tv personality had already taken part in a previous edition. So did they participate in 2007, the year that Annelies Rutten won. Vandendriessche then held it three episodes vol.

The names of the provisional four other participants were already well-known: Peter Van de Veire of MNM, actress Clara Cleymans, Hans Vanaken of Club Brugge and Wouter Vandenhaute, the former boss of Woestijnvis.

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