Seksjuf ’Kim Kardashian’ sued

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West Fargo – A 37-year-old teacher of a secondary school which took its appeal as a ’Kim Kardashian’, has been sued.

A mother of four children transgressed on her puberleerlingen

Shannon Moser from the American North Dakota would be multiple relationships have had with the boys from her class. Also she shared via Snapchat videos of having sex with her husband with the teenagers.

The (married) mother of four children by her school dismissed. The police found on her phone links to videos of young boys with older women.

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One of the guys had had sex with the teacher in the Rendezvous park in West Fargo. He told that to a friend, who, in turn, the police passed.

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The woman was on the deposit release, but has opted in the cell. “At school we tell the children that they always have the truth must speak. I have a lie lived,” writes the Duluth News Tribune.

Moser run the risk of five years in prison.

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