Scottish ex-prime minister will leave after accusation of sexual misconduct

LONDON – The former Scottish premier Alex Salmond has his membership of the Scottish National Party (SNP) will be terminated. The 63-year-old partijprominent became discredited by allegations about sexual misconduct. He denies that he is guilty of crimes, but to prevent his party from suffering the noise.

Alex Salmond

Salmond is seen as the driving force behind the Scottish onafhankelijkheidsreferendum of 2014. The Scottish voters decided within the United Kingdom to remain. Salmond stepped after the plebiscite on as premier and leave now so also his party.

The Scottish government said last week that in January two complaints have been received about the behaviour of Salmond. The current prime minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon came thereon from the opposition under pressure its predecessor to suspend temporarily. According to Salmond would be such a decision, for division can provide within the party.

I am not the political addresses to the attacks of the opposition on the SNP to facilitate,” says Salmond, who from 2007 to 2014 premier. ,,I have my resignation submitted to the opposition this aanvalsmogelijkheid to take it away.” The former prime minister wants is to log on to the SNP as I have the opportunity to have had my name to purify”.

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