Richest bully in the world convicted

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Cologne – The son of a German multimillionaire at the court in Cologne sentenced because he as a hooligan has to misbehave.

Archive photo Fans FC Köln

The 21jarige Philipp K. state every weekend side by side with the worst ’fans’ of FC Köln. He fights, steals, and attacks opponents. The brutal hooligan had Tuesday to answer to the magistrate.

His father, well for 400 million euros to power, sat in the public gallery and looked at it, shook his head.

While senior a mega vastgoeddeal have to admit, it was Philip around a match of his club picked up. According to the police he beat a fan with a knuckleduster.

Last January he would himself dressed as a guard and a flag of the opponent to have stolen. Later he was amongst a group who threw stones at a bus of Union Berlin fans. Also opponent Leverkussen had recently, to believe.

Philipp showed remorse for the judge. “Ten months on probation for the richest and best-dressed hooligan from Germany”, writes Bild.

“This is what I wish on anybody,” was the only response that his father wanted to give.

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